Rug Re-fringing


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Rugs can become frayed for many reasons. If your rug pad was installed incorrectly or if you don’t have a rug pad at all, this might contribute to premature fraying and other wear and tear. Sometimes when rug owners attempt to install a rug pad on their own, the work can be sloppy and result in a few imperfections around the edges of the rug. When you need professional rug re-fraying service, count on the skilled team at Rug Masters to help you.

The trick to rug re-fringing is knowing how to craft the original rug. We employ artisans who know how to weave many types of Oriental, Navajo, and Persian rugs. This means that we don’t just cap off the ends where the fraying has started to contain the problem. We can re-weave the rug to make it look like new again.


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Please call to schedule a rug re-fringing service.
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