Rug Binding

Rug Binding Service

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When making a rug out of remnant carpet, oftentimes you need to bind the edges on your own. Since many shoppers can get wholesale prices on what would have been a much more expensive carpet or rug, remnant rugs are typically cheaper than other rugs.

If the remnant wasn’t cut with straight edges or if you notice unclean lines, your rug may experience premature unraveling or fraying. Rug binding helps to seal up the edges on your rug and give it a more polished and finished look. Plus, unfinished rug edges can be sharp. Avoid any scraps or jagged edges with help from Rug Masters. We work hard to bind your rug in a timely manner. After taking your rug in for binding, you’ll notice a more pristine and clean look for your rug, and you won’t have to worry about sharp or rough edges. 


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Please call for rug binding service.
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