Color Run Correction


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The colors of your beautiful rug may have faded over the years. Another common problem is color running. Color run correction is a difficult process, because if the service is done improperly, the “correction” may wash out of the rug the next time it is cleaned. This could leave your rug in a worse state than before. 

 We match the colors to their original tone and hue so that our work will be perfect and flawless once we’re finished. If the colors of your rug bled when washing, it means you need a professional. Not only do we handle professional and skilled rug washing, but we also handle color run correction for when things go awry. Let us help restore your rug.


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Need help with color run correction for your rug? We work on all types of rugs, so please do not hesitate to give us a call when you need assistance.
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